Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta

Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta

I help businesses and people from purpose to action.

Hi, my name is Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta — but you can call me Gus.

I’m an avid lifelong learner with almost two decades of experience in strategic design, experience design, productivity systems and leading digital transformation processes.

My life path was marked by vast professional and personal experiences, which allows me to adopt an approach based on radical diversity and leverage knowledge from different "worlds."

The pillars of my approach are multi-scale design, continuous learning, and meaningful productivity.


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I’ve been mentoring people, designing experiences, and building meaningful productivity systems for many years. And now I've consolidated all the lessons learned into one gameful and highly personalized journey — Purpose to Action.



Product Leadership


I’ve been leading digital product teams for many years for all kinds of organizations (corporate, startups, public administration) and sectors (Education, Human Resources, FinTech, and Social Impact just to name a few).

Whether you’re thinking about launching a new product or service or improving an existing one, I can help you along that journey — from idea to implementation. → For businesses

Learning and Development


Traditional learning and development focuses on improving group and individual performance to enhance the organization's success - and on aligning the organization and employees' goals.

That focus is crucial, but we also need to prepare people for the unknown, for resilience, for constant adaptation.

I put together and lead multidisciplinary teams that bridge the traditional layout of L&D programs with a project-based approach, where people learn by doing and build the necessary mental muscle to adapt to new challenges continually.

→ For businesses

Change Management


To thrive in an ever-changing world, businesses must be resilient. It’s no longer about fixing one problem after the other. We need learning organizations powered by cross-functional teams that continuously adapt to change.

I can help you adopt an agile mindset that fits your business, and advise you on how to make it a reality.

→ For businesses

Systems and Workflows


Systems and workflows that you can trust can do wonders for you, or your business overall productivity — as well as being a keystone of constant alignment with your purpose and objectives.

I can help you to build a system from scratch, as well as optimize and automate parts of it. For that, my tool of choice is Notion — think of it like a box of Legos that you can shape to your own needs.

→ For businesses and individuals

Lifelong Learning


My formal education was full of ups and downs, but most of all, it was boring. I soon realized that I needed to take charge of it. Being a geek in some ways, and a wild one in others, I followed a mixed approach — from reading compulsively to mingling with people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

I can help you improve your learning journey, based on scientifically proven methods, loads of diversity, and some quirkiness — tailored to your own specific needs.

→ For individuals

Personal Reinvention


After mentoring young people for enough time and seeing their improvements (and my own), I started to notice that people of all ages would come to me for advice. They wanted to reinvent themselves and they didn’t know where to start. Make no mistake, there are no silver bullets when it comes to reinvention, but one word of advice here and there can make the difference.

I can help you streamline your reinvention process based on my extensive experience with all kinds of people.

→ For individuals




You can check my professional experience at Linkedin, but allow me to share some highlights:

  • Advisor of education and human resources startups. Advising Learning and Development
  • Co-Curator of the Notion Portugal Community Productivity Community
  • Curator of the largest personal productivity group in Portugal Productivity Community
  • Co-design lecturer in the Advanced Training in Service Design at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Learning and Development Experience Design
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SensesLab, one of the main drivers in the education of the Portuguese market on the importance of experience design. We worked with startups, corporate businesses, and the public sector. Leadership Experience Design
  • Mentor for dozens of people who have thrived in their professional path (see examples in the testimonials). Mentorship Learning and Development
  • Member of InVision's Design Leadership Forum Leadership Experience Design Community
  • Founder and Curator at REINVENTION.SPACE, a live experiment to help people to reinvent themselves. Learning and Development Community Writing
  • Collaborative Design Advocate for two decades, and author of the number one result on Google for collaborative design — Collaborative Design Sessions 101. Experience Design Community Writing
  • Leader of the design team that helped kickstart Seedrs (as a service provider) — the leading equity crowdfunding platform and the most active funder of private companies in the UK. Leadership Experience Design
  • User Experience Director at Seedrs Leadership Experience Design
  • Director of User Experience at Técnico Lisboa, the most prestigious engineering faculty in Portugal. Leadership Experience Design Product
  • CEO of Enough Pepper, the startup responsible for the award-winning online survey application Survs. A side project, done part-time by only four people, that was considered the best online survey application by TechCrunch, Washington Post, and .net magazine. Leadership Experience Design Product


“We hired Gustavo to overhaul the user experience (UX) and design of the Seedrs platform. His--and his team's work was absolutely outstanding: the product he delivered was a massive improvement on what we'd had, and it has received praise from all quarters. Key to this success was not only his inherent talent but the time and energy he spent understanding our business, appreciating what we needed to achieve with our UX and design, and then rapidly iterating with us as wireframes and then mockups came together. He is, simply put, world-class at what he does: we were very fortunate to get to work with him, as would be anyone else who wants the best of the best UX and design.”

Jeff Lynn, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Seedrs


“Gustavo is an intelligent professional and pretty much the ideal person to work with. He's a great project manager and, as such, a practical, result-oriented, no-micromanagement kind of guy. Fun and witty when need to be, he's focused and manages to keep track of 101 on-going projects — how he does it, I don't know. A great visionary and one of the pioneers in User Experience and Design Thinking in Portugal.”

Filipe Varela, Product Designer at Automattic


“Took me six months to convince Gustavo to join because I knew (call it gut feeling?) and he has the track record to prove he's a UX leader and he would bring us to the next level. And he did. On a personal level, I'm going to highlight Gustavo's trustworthiness and a strong sense of responsibility. He's really committed and hard-working, has listening skills (very hard to find these days!), and a keen eye for minimalism and design. These allow him to become an advisor/mentor. For me it's a no-brainer: Looking for help with UX? Go. Thinking about hiring his company? Go. Looking for advice/mentorship? Go."

Pedro Oliveira, Co-founder at Future.Works and Landing.Jobs


"To put it in very clear terms, Gustavo helped me to make the biggest decision of my professional and even personal life. Instead of going to work in Finance, with Gustavo's guidance, I connected with my deep inner-self and understood that I should follow my passion for Cinema. After this breakthrough, Gustavo was always there for me, with practical and straightforward suggestions, on my artistic career, personal life as well as business advice when I co-founded a startup. More than a mentor, he is a friend who I always can count .

Henrique Fialho, Post Production Coordinator & Assistant Director at O Som e Fúria


"I worked with Gustavo on the 2015 redesign project, and surely won't forget that experience. He not only cares for the client as if their business was his own but also cares deeply for the people who work alongside him. He gives everyone the best conditions so that they can do their best work. He doesn't force you to anything, he gives you space and time you need to learn, work, improve, succeed. This is what great leaders do — they enable others. Gustavo is a great listener with a keen eye for good design. He always gives constructive feedback and knows how to put his personal opinions aside so that the whole may succeed. He's a very trustworthy and interesting person with whom you can talk about anything. A natural giver, who never expects anything in return. I could go on and on about Gustavo, he's a guy with so many great qualities. But I guess if you made it this far, it's because you already decided to work with him."

Pedro Moreira da Silva, Staff Product Designer at GitLab


“Gustavo was a key part of bringing the marketing, design, and product functions together at Seedrs. He is a real thought leader in UX and human factors and helped build the framework for applying business metrics to design and growth. Highly recommended.”

Peter Thomson, Head of Technology at The Icehouse


"Gustavo has mentored me for the past few years, and the time I spend talking with him is definitely worth it. His insights, based on an extremely clear way of thinking, really help me in setting a course of action for my company and my life in general. If you're looking for a mentor able to accompany you through the different life stages of a young entrepreneur, Gustavo is a fantastic choice."

Pedro Andrade, Co-founder & CEO @ Hunter Boards


“It was a real pleasure to have worked with Gustavo. His contribution was critical in defining and implementing Seedrs user-centric approach. Gustavo was always the first in trying to measure and understand how our users interact with our platform and in identifying the key points to improve.

His in-depth knowledge of all aspects of UX, together with his continuous desire to research new approaches made him an invaluable member of our team. I'm sure that, due to these characteristics and to his ability to focus on the details without losing track of the big picture, he will be very successful in his future endeavors.”

Carlos Silva, Founder, Advisor, and Board Member at Seedrs, Partner at Faber Ventures







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